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The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.... Change Is Inevitable, Progress Should Not Be Optional

About Us - Lynx Media, LLC

With forethought and ingenuity, lynx calculate their strategies and track their targets expertly, very similarly to the Lynx Media approach toward branding clients’ images be it digitally, in print form, on the web, radio or TV, or in the memory banks of on-lookers who enjoy provocative ideas and swift graphic designs. Currently Lynx Media owns and operates one high-quality, award-winning magazine, MontroseStyle. However, after three decades of publishing, the company is now focusing on online marketing and property investments. Lynx Media has two DBAs: MontroseStyle (publication pictured on the right) and Home Addressers. The last edition of MontroseStyle proved to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest in Colorado and the Four Corners region. It is 188-pages and can be purchased on Amazon, Ebay or Write-Up-Your-Alley.Com, which is a portfolio site of the publisher's. On this site, you'll find the owner's 30+ years of producing incredible four-color magazines and the five books she's authored. Having interviewed and written about General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Vice President Dan and Marilyn Quayle, the Shark, owner of Discovery Channel and many more internationally acclaimed personalities, the publisher has ventured into the world wide web focusing on affiliate marketing, developing websites and property investments. This is a resource site for those who want to sell their homes quickly and/or are in remodel/flip mode of their properties. Not only will you find check lists, products and insights into their "changing" home environments, but steps on how to successfully navigate  life-changes and enhancements. For example, if you lost your job and had to sell, 40 different ways to make money online are outlined. If you are a do-it-yourselfer in home renovation, resources are laid out to bring success about more quickly. Further, interesting and useful finds for homes are showcased here, too. The products are linked to Amazon, the world's largest and most trusted "shop." 

MontroseStyle was brought to life in 1999. It represents one of the most delightful, genuine communities in the Rocky Mountains. Where the San Juan Mountains meet the high desert country of the Four Corners to the south, and where the largest flat-top mountain in the world  rolls into the deep abyss of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River, Montrose, Colorado, resides. It's an outdoors' person wonderland, and a town that has provided me with my "dream-life."

Lynx Were Nearly Extinct In Late 80s, They've Been Reintroduced & Have Come Back!

The Flipping Lynx - Home Buyers & Fixer Uppers

Lynx Media garnered its name to celebrate new beginnings, persistance and tenacity. It's the parent company of The Flipping Lynx. In love with wild and earthly things like the sun, the moon, the water and sky, the “lynx” is the proper allegory for the rhetorical and literary devices passionately created by its namesake. In the winds of time’s long past, lynx were known to be the “keepers of ancient secrets and the teachers of hidden skills.” They were said to be clairvoyant and could see others’ fears, lies and deceptions. They seemingly found strength in silence and knew to listen to their “higher selves.” Their “extrasensory perception (ESP), if you will, to capture the soul of a person, place or thing. “Leuk” (lynx) means “light, brightness,” which is what we hope to bring to your home selling and transitional time. What can we do for you?

  • Purchase your home at a fair price quickly and with cash
  • In some cases, we can even help you move or sell your goods 
  • If you're selling your home because of the loss of a job, we've outlined online options to help you generate income
  • For your convenience, we've outlined moving hints, tips and access to useful supplies
  • We are closely affiliated with a design and construction firm to help in remodeling, repairing or building
  • If you're a DIY, we have great resources and reference material  
  • We've also compiled some of the most important household tips around. These are meant to help build your health, wealth and confidence